The Cookie LOVER award

Hie hie hie. An amazing friend of mine nominated me for this award. Her name is Hattush(I love her name) and she has a greatly inspiring and beautiful blog so please check it out, you won’t regret it

So here it goes :


  • Thank the person/fellow cookie lover who nominated you! (or whose blog you found out about this award through)
  • Answer the cookie-related questions and add one of your own!
  • Share some pictures of cookies you adore! (can be pics you’ve taken or ones from Pixabay, Google, etc)
  • Nominate 5 or more bloggers who love cookies and leave an open nomination for every cookie lover around the world!


  • What are your top three favorite types of cookies?

It’s so hard to pick but since I have to, 1) Chocolate chip cookies are totally my go to snack. 2) Shortbread cookies, my heart melts every time I eat these and finally 3) Gingerbread cookies, I actually love gingerbread flavor for biscuits too😊

  • What’s a cookie you haven’t tried yet but REALLY want to?

They are actually a lot that I could name, mainly Macaroon cookies, sugar cookies and Oatmeal raisin cookies, I’ve heard that they taste amazing so I can’t wait to try these .

  • What’s the last type of cookie you ate?

It was actually a chocolate chip cookie, I had it yesterday and now I want more 😅

  • If you were a cookie, which kind would you be and why? (i.e. chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, macaroon, peanut butter, etc)

I would definitely be a gingerbread cookie, I love how they taste sweet and a little spicy at the same time. It’s an amazing combo.

  • Why do you love cookies?

They are definitely the best go to snack in my opinion, especially with hot cocoa, I love them almost as much as I love cereal, .

  • What is one type of cookie that you DON’T like?

I haven’t tasted a lot of them, so I’m yet to find one I don’t like, I hope that day never comes. 😅

My Favourite cookies :

Pictures from.

And how could I forget fortune cookies ❤️❤️

My extra question is, if you could make a three tier cookie desert, which cookie flavor would be on your first tier?

And I nominate, all the cookie lovers out there(you’re welcome 😬👀😅)

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