Forgiven and never forsaken

“your sins are forgiven”

I’m not perfect, I lie, I cheat, I curse, I’ve done so many things that I regret, I’m unworthy, emotional, sometimes ungrateful and so angry at times.

Sometimes, I get scared to pray, I’m scared that God won’t listen to me because I’m so stained and dirty,I can’t even stand myself, God has better more righteous people to talk to and bless, right, ??

That was what I used to say 3 years ago.

Now, I accept that I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes and I’m most probably going to keep making them, but there is no mountain God won’t move, dark patches he won’t make alight, shadow he won’t beat down coming after me. I’m not perfect but with Him in me and around me I’m perfect in his love.

I get tempted, I get scared, I cry, I scream and yet He still loves me. I’ve given God more than a million reasons to leave, to stop loving me and yet he gives me an infinite number of reasons why He should, and will stay forever.

It’s the same thing with each and everyone of us, for example when, people wanted to kill a woman for fornication and Jesus asked, who among you is righteous and has never sinned, if there is one he should cast the first stone.. there was no one like that because we are all sinners and Yet Jesus forgave her sins just like he still forgives ours.

Nothing in this world can separate us from the love of our Heavenly Father, not even sin, I’m grateful to be fully known and loved by God, it’s an absolute honor which I don’t deserve, none of us do, but he still openly and unconditionally blesses us with his overwhelming, never ending Reckless love❤️

I’m a sinner yes, but I’m forgiven and through Christ I will heal and be more like Him ❤️

Your sins don’t define you, what you have done wrong should not be you, God defines you and through him, you will heal and continue to become the amazing person you are meant to be.

With love❤️~Tanatswa~

2 Samuel 22 vs 29 (The Bible Study Chronicles)

“You, Lord are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light.”

I went through a very dark place in my life, I hated my life, my body, my mind and everything that had to do with me. Sometimes I even got scared to pray because I thought God would shun me or wouldn’t pay attention to me because of all my flaws and all of my wrongs. I wasn’t happy being me, I thought I was a mistake and at the worst times, a disgrace.

One day I looked in the mirror, something that I tried to avoid most of the time and I looked at myself, like really looked at myself. Then I heard a voice saying “My gorgeous daughter” I looked around the room, even called out for my mom and asked her if she had said something, she hadn’t. I went back to the mirror and looked at my whole body and this time I felt this warmth surround and consume me, I felt so much love, so much adoration and so much peace, it was God expressing His love for me inside and around me.

Everything that I didn’t like about myself, He showed me that He loved it, He didn’t make a mistake and God does not create disgraces. It doesn’t matter what size clothes or shoes you wear, you are still a master piece. I struggled with my body image for a really long time, I didn’t like dressing up because I thought that I would look wierd or even would look like the dress was wearing me 😂😂but God turned what I had made into darkness a light a beautiful beautiful light.

A lot of people struggle with body image, depression and so many things, but remember, no matter how dark a place you are in, God is still the God who made the dark and His light will always come through. You are loved, You are cared for and You are the light of this dark and cruel world❤️🦋

So this post is really personal, but by sharing my struggles, I hope I can help you overcome yours.

With Love ~Tanatswa~ ❤️❤️

Phone wars.

I’ve been angry, at myself, at the people around me and even at God. I dropped my phone a few weeks ago and it’s been unresponsive, I can see what’s on the screen but I can’t scroll, I can’t select apps and this made me angry. If you are like me you most probably have almost everything on your phone.

The night my phone crashed, I was so confused and frustrated and I said a short and simple prayer, “God, I’m way too human for this,it’s beyond my control so I’m giving it to you.” The next morning I woke up in good spirits and realised that being without my phone actually helped me.

We often ask God to get rid of our distractions and to give us a way to be closer to Him, unfortunately when this request was answered, I got a tad bit angry ^wrong, I got really angry🤐🤐* The weeks without the phone were actually really amazing and soul enriching, I would spend hours just sitting outside marveling at nature and God’s creations, I remember I even analyzed a lizard on the wall and saw how it breathed and moved and all I could think of was this, God thought of everything and made this little guy along with everything in the world.

And it dawned on me, God knew that my phone would die and He let it happen because there was something I was supposed to learn from it, how to be content no matter what the circumstances might be. All I can say is thank God for letting my phone fall *sigh….all those apps* I’m still getting over it😅

Every single thing happens for a reason, we might not like it, but we will get through it. Keep this in mind as you start September and promise yourself to let go and let God.

With love❤️ Tanatswa.

Joshua 21 vs 45 (The Bible Study Chronicles)

“Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed;every one was fulfilled”NIV

The God of promises: God is not a man that He should lie, nor is He a son of man that He should repent, what He has said He surely will do. God will never promise you something that He won’t deliver, yes it might take time, but we have to remember that healthy, long lasting things take time to grow.

For example, a sequoia tree or redwood starts out as a small seed, but when it is fully grown, it is one of the largest organisms in nature. But this growth doesn’t happen over night, it takes months, years even, for the sequoia to reach its maximum capacity.

Thou your beginning was small, your latter end will surely be great, but this greatness takes time, because God has made you a future beyond your wildest dreams, and when He makes us wait for this future, He is cultivating our patience and our faith and preparing us for things that we can not even begin to imagine. Remember, our thoughts are not His thoughts, neither our ways His Ways, He only thinks good things towards us, even though we may face trials, go through storms or even sometimes feel like He is not there, He is there, and He lets all the bad and good things happen to us for a reason. Bad and good things don’t happen to us, they happen for us.

I have no idea what it is that you are praying for, or what God has promised you, but what I do have an idea of, is the fact that God will come through, maybe not today, or next month, or even in the next two years, but He will come through, He hasn’t forgotten you, and He will never forsake you❤️.

Have faith, because right now, if we walk by sight, we will be disheartened, but if we believe that Good things and better days are yet to come, we will be overwhelmed with a peace like no other, because we don’t have to know what the future holds because we know and trust in Who holds the future.

~Bible study Chronicles~ With Love: Tanatswa ❤️

Hie🌝🌝🌝🌝so I have exciting news.

I’m starting a segment on this blog called, The Bible Study Chronicles. This means I might post more often now *yey*. So basically, I’ll be posting a scripture and outlining what I understand from it as well as the inspiration involved within it, feel free to give suggestions of scriptures, and even to add on to explanations.

I love reading the word of God, so I’m going to share that with you ❤️❤️

With Love, Tanatswa ❤️